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How To Coupon Like a Boss

Wondering how you can cut your grocery bill in half? How can you make your grocery budget go even further and put the rest away for a rainy day? Do you watch Extreme couponing in amazement and wonder how you can be a Rockstar at the check out too? Follow these tips and become a saving pro!

1. Flipp App

Download this awesome app on your smart phone or tablet today. This app will provide you will all of your local flyers and coupons. You can select items right from the flyers and add them to your shopping list. You can search your favourite stores, search for specific items or just browse the latest deals from all stores.

2. Where to get coupons?

There are few key places to get a large quantity of coupons for an assortment of products.

- Head to your local grocery store and browse the coupon board at the front door. These coupons are not usually specific to this store so if you find one that you feel would be useful for you, rip er off the board and toss it in your pocket until you can check your Flipp app.

- is a great website for different products, some coupons you are able to print right from home others you can enter your mailing address and they will ship them directly to your house.

- Directly on companies websites. If you have a favourite product try emailing the company. Tell them why their product is your favourite and you would be so greatful if they could send you some coupons. An example of this is Chapmans ice cream. Once a year they will mail you a $5 off coupon, that usually totals a free full box of ice cream, yum!

- Local news papers. Your local newspapers can be loaded with coupons. Be sure to look through flyers as well as ads for coupons to clip.

- Proctor and Gamble. Not only does P&G send out flyers they also post their coupons on their website to be printed or mailed to you. These coupons range from baby products, to bat

- Flteries to cleaning products

3. How to use The Coupons and Flipp app to create the best savings.

- Organize your coupons by date first, secondly by product type.

- When planning your grocery shopping make a list. Cross reference with your coupons and pull them out.

- Next open your Flipp app and search for the products you need to match them with the items that are on sale.

- Lastly for the products in which you do not have a coupon for, price match them and save the itesm to your list to show the cashier upon check out.

4. When you get to the store.

-ensure you are up to date on the stores price matching policy

- organize your shopping on the belt by regular priced items, then price matched items, then price atched items with coupons. This step is not necessary however it makes it easier for organization as well as convenient for the cashier as well as as the patrons behind you.

5. More ways to save

Shoppers drug mart optimum points

- Their rewards system is one of the easiest to collect points, with so many products available free shopping with points as never been easier.

No Frills

- not only price matches (select stores) but also allows you to collect PC points to put towards free groceries.

Checkout 51

- This app offers cash back on featured items each week. You take a picture of your full receipt and upload it to their app. This often includes fresh produce and other grocery items. It becomes fairly easy to earn a few dollars on each grocery bill. This might also be a good app to check before you head out shopping to ensure you are grabbing the right product and also to see if you have a coupon to use in combination.

- Log on to this website if you are planning to do any online shopping. This cash back website gives you dollar amounts or percentages of your total purchase. They will them mail you a cheque once you reach a certain I believe $20.

Although this may seem like a lot of work and can be tedius, once you get the hand of it it becomes second nature and can end up saving you a ton of money each week!

Happy shopping!

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