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Goal Setting - Guest Blogger Alana Leger From Barbella

Make 2018 your best year Mamas!

It’s that time of the year where resolutions have been set but motivation is slowly slipping out the door, but this doesn’t have to be the case. In order to adhere to your resolutions you must write them out as SMART goals! A SMART goal is one that is clear, precise and has a timeline to it.

For example, if your goal is to “lose weight” make yourself more accountable by indicating exactly how you’re going to achieve that. Turning “lose weight” into a smart goal would start by indicating what it is exactly you want to achieve, be specific. Is it to lose 20lbs or to fit into pre baby jeans, or to be a certain size for an event?

Be sure you are clearly writing down what your intentions are for this goal, to make it clear to yourself what it is that you want. “I want to be able to fit into my pre baby jeans, size 6, for July 10th 2018 (annual family BBQ!)”.

Make that goal as specific as possible.

Next step is identifying how you will measure your success. This step is to give your goal life (visualize it!) and will make it easier and more clear for success to achieve. Simply stating “I will be happier” is not a measure of success as it is not concrete evidence. This needs to be a measure of your progress through the life of your goal, if you intend on losing weight how will you define it.

Writing down “I will lose 5lbs a month” is a good example of this as you are clearly defining how you will measure your achievement.

Is your goal Attainable?

Have you planned out what you need to do to get there?

This is key in ensuring success no matter how specific your goal is. If you do not have a game plan of the steps you need to take to get there, sticking to it is going to be a lot more challenging.

No goal is impossible, plan smartly and just go for it!

You’ve got this!!

Is this goal truly important and relevant to you?

This is so important to identify; if you are striving for something that you yourself do not care for or want, it is near impossible to achieve. Figure out what is important to you and go for that. If you don’t care about the number on the scale but are passionate about running (like you did pre babies), then make that your goal!

Your goal needs to be something that will make you happy, something that will itself motivate you to see it through.

Life will always throw us obstacles so having that passion behind your goal will be key in helping you find your anchor to stay on track.

Finally, time… no goal is completely set without identifying a realistic timeline for it. Give yourself a realistic deadline. If your goal is to do a 5K this summer, then sign up for a race now! Create urgency and be honest about what you want to achieve! Remember, nothing is impossible. Set goals that excite you, plan them out and see them through!

Nothing feels as good as accomplishing something you set out to do!

Let’s make 2018 the best one yet by planning it out SMART! You are SUPER WOMEN and WILL ROCK your goals 2018! XO

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