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Top 5 Ideas for Surviving a Flight With your Toddler!

Its vacation time! Everyone is excited, the packing is done but how do you keep your kids entertained on the plane for hours? Once the movie or tv show novelty has worn off give these 5 tips and ideas a try for a smoother flight.

1. Window Clings

You can find these at the dollar store or your local craft store. The gummy ones feel the best and keep my kids most interested. They can peel and stick them to the windows, create scenes and best of all when they are done playing with them they go nicely back on the page they came from for easy storage.

2. Painters Tape

Grab that roll of painters tape and get peeling. Put down the tray table, and place strips of painters tape all over it. Kids love to peel off the tape and create a ball. Best part is that when the flight attendants come around with the garbage bag toss it in. Mess free fun!

3. Write a Book Together

Before leaving home, fold a few pieces of paper together, the more the merrier. Ask your child to think of a character, where do they go, what problem do they incounter and how does it end. Have your child be the illustrator and work together. Dont forget the crayons!

4. Barf Bag Puppets

Keep those crayons handy and create barf bag puppets. Make a family, different animals or anything your child can imagine. Give them names, jobs and put on a show!

5. Airplane Magazine Scavenger Hunter

Make a list of things for your child to find in the airplane magazine. Something red, a dog, the get the idea. Keep a busy page open and play eye spy. Best part about this is no preparing at home required and the entertainment is in your seat pocket.


SNACKS! Dont forget the snacks! Make a cheerio necklace before leaving and it will give them some extra fun without the mess. Bring snacks they dont get often and be sure to ask the flight attendants for extra pretzles or cookies!

What are some of your favourite tips and tricks for surviving a long flight with little ones?

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