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Top 10 Things For Your Diaper Bag

besides the left over cheerios or gold fish that you can find at the bottom of the bag, here are our top 10 must haves for your diaper bag!

1. Diapers

Disposable or cloth at least 1 for each hour that you will be out!

2. Wipes

I mean do you even really parent if you aren't using wipes for cleaning hands, faces, your car, spit up stains, table tops and pretty much everything else?

3. Extra Clothes Including A Pair of Socks or Two

Inevitably your baby will either have a blow out or rip their socks off and throw them out the stroller at some point. Ensure the clothes are seasonally relevant and have a wet bag or a plastic bag for the dirty set of clothes so not to ruin the inside of your bag......or when in doubt if the blow out is a disaster the garbage is always a good spot for them too.

4. A muslin Blanket

These versatile blankets can be used as a nursing cover, a swaddle, a light blocker, burp cloth, peekaboo shield and uh a blanket! Super soft and super functional.

5. Snacks Snacks Snacks and More Snacks

For yourself, for your baby, and for older kids! Before getting caught out of the house for longer then anticipated having snacks on hand can make the time pass a little faster and keep the hangry bears at bay.

6. Disposable Dirty Diaper Bags

the fancy diaper genie ones are great, however the dog poop bags work just as well and you can save some pennies at the same time! No one wants to leave a poopy diaper in a friends garbage.

7. Disposable Place Mats

Going for coffee with a friend? out for dinner as a family? Grandmas house? These disposable place mats not only stick to the table but cover the table from germs and messes! You'd be surprised how often you use these.

8. Toys with a strap or or hook

Babies throw things, yes even their favourite toys! with hooks or straps you can prevent them touching the floors or getting lost! Make them longer by adding these chain links!

9. Water!

For your baby and for yourself. Breastfeeding dehydrates you more then anything!

10. Small emergency kit

bandaids, childrens benadryl, infant tylenol, tylenol for yourself, handsanitizer, sunscreen and tampons or pads. You will be surprised how often these come in handy as well as you can be "that mom" that comes to the rescue of her friends when they are in need!

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