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4 Things You Should Know About Life With 3 Kids 5 and Under - Guest Blogger Aly Tyghter.

This blog post comes to us from the very talented, very funny and tell it like it is mama, Aly Tyghter. This blog post was originally posted on If your not already following this local (Brampton, ON) mom, go. Do It Now!

Life With 3 Kids 5 and Under

I wrote a post last year about what to expect when going from 2 to 3 kids. At the time Sister Bear was 4, Brother Bear was 2, and Baby Bear was 8-months… it was a circus at the best of times! Now, a year later I am the proud owner of a 5-year-old, 3-year-old, and 20-month-old…

we have passed Circusville and are well into Crazytown.

Here’s what life is like with 3 kids 1 year later:

No Rest for the Wicked

The great thing about having ‘older’ small children is that they sleep through the night… However they all wake up in the morning at different times. My once terrible sleeper has now morphed into an amazing 5-year-old sleeping machine. Baby Bear wakes up at an adequate hour (he’s also being held hostage by his crib so we’re still good there) but Threenagers are the worst! That is the age when they are convinced it’s super cool to wake up at 5 a.m. ‘Bruh, go away… no one is here for your early wake up’. So, the only solution to this problem is for you to go to bed at 7 p.m. when they do to ensure you get a full night’s rest… No Netflix and chill for you!

The Short Order Cook Is No Longer in Business

We are finally at the point where everyone eats the same damn thing! Can I get an amen? Baby Bear finally has enough teeth to chew food so I’ve been given the green light to make one thing for everyone. I’m still obsessed with any plates where I can divide food so I can avoid the ‘my food is touching’ meltdowns that now come in harmonies of 3.

The Patience Pendulum is Swinging All the Way to the Left

Last year I still had some patience left in the tank. This year we’re constantly on E. The amount of energy it takes to raise 3 tiny humans is unreal. Now all 3 children demand specialized attention and are very aware of how much of your time they are receiving. “Mommy look at me” is our soundtrack of choice and it plays on repeat until bedtime.

The Love, Oh the Love

Some things never change. That heart that grew 3 times bigger continues to grow and you can’t imagine how you possibly lived life without any of them. They begin to work together to help each other; they do cute things like sing songs in unison; and the dance parties are the

Life with 3 kids, 5 and under is sheer chaos but having your own crew ready at a moment’s notice to ‘Shake it Off’ is #SquadGoals for real!

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